Compass Communications


Fall Monitoring

Fall risk is a major concern in a senior care setting, and technology from Compass Communications Group (CCG) can help you reduce risks and improve community safety.


Did you know:

  • People over 65 have an average of 2.6 falls per year
  • Each year the average skilled nursing community reports 1 fall per bed
  • Those who experience non-fatal falls can suffer injuries that lead to reduced quality of life, loss of functionality, depression, feelings of helplessness, and social isolation
  • 35% of fall injuries occur among those who cannot walk

Key Features / Advantages Include:

Integrated Wireless Fall Sensors For Critical Feedback, Reduced Risks and Improved Safety
Change the environment by using wireless fall sensors to monitor resident movements and identify potential risky residents and behaviors.

  • Identify risky resident behavior in real time and respond accordingly
  • Pinpoint fall locations as they occur, eliminating “follow-the-noise”
  • Decrease response time

Compass Communications Group (CCG) integrates fall sensors to assist staff in monitoring residents at risk for falling.

  • Bed monitors are activated when a resident leaves their bed
  • Floor pressure monitors sense when a resident puts their feet on the floor
  • Pressure pads alarm if a resident gets up or falls out of a chair
  • Time sensitive motion detector to alert staff to residents moving unattended
  • Track a residents attempts at engaging in risky behaviors
  • Care givers are paged directly – Improving response times and quality of care