Compass Communications


Wander Management

With the quality of Accutech and the proven service of Compass Communications Group (CCG), we know we can provide the wander management solution best suited to your needs. Family members will know that their loved ones are safe and secure while your staff will have peace of mind knowing that their residents are well protected.



Key Features / Advantages Include:

Customized Accutech Wander Management System
Accutech is a wander management system customized uniquely for each community. Be alerted when:

  • A resident attempts to leave the facility, gets too close to an open elevator, protected doors are left open, attempted tailgating occurs, etc.

Dual Function Door/Exit Keypads
Dual function keypads help to address “tailgating.”

  • An exit code is used for staff and visitors to move through doors, while leaving the wander management active
  • An escort code disarms the wander management, so tagged residents can be escorted safely through

High-Quality Accutech Tags
Accutech tags are top of the line:

  • Small, watertight and easy to clean
  • Easily turned on and off by your staff using a handheld tag activator/battery tester
  • Tags have a small LED to indicate they are active
  • Cost effective for both large and small communities

Advanced & Flexible VisionPro Platform
VisionPro platform is used to monitor and control the nurse call devices. VisionPro has many advanced features:
Accutech utilizes VisionPro software

  • Easy add-on to any community already running a CCG call system
  • Seamlessly incorporates in a new install of our systems
  • We offer a computer free version as a cost effective solution for facilities looking to reduce overhead