Compass Communications


Wireless Emergency Call

Wireless emergency call systems from Compass Communications Group (CCG) are smaller scale in purpose, approach and budget than wireless nurse call systems. Wireless emergency call systems are usually installed within assisted living communities to give residents additional safety and peace of mind. Most often triggered by a resident using a wearable pendent, these systems are both cost-effective and non-intrusive.


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Completely Wireless 900MHz Spread Spectrum
Call devices are completely wireless, transmitting via embedded wireless network to alert the appropriate caregivers.

900 MHz Spread Spectrum advantages:

  • Higher transmit power = greater range
  • Narrowed signal “squeezes” through small openings
  • Redundant signaling for added assurance

Cost Effective VisionLink Platform
Wireless emergency call is a more tailored and cost effective approach for assisted living communities.

  • Same VisionLink platform used in skilled nursing communities
  • Provide peace of mind, while not intruding into the daily life of residents
  • More cost effective for Assisted Living residents

Multi-Function Wireless Wearable Pendants
Wireless pendants allow for freedom of movement while maintaining resident call safety.

  • Discreet wearable call devices
  • Effective throughout a campus environment
  • Only activated when residents require assistance
  • Can provide location
  • Outdoor pendant use is an option
  • Exclusive multi-functioning pendant provides:
    • Call capture
    • Tracking
    • Wandering notification
    • Fall detection

Comprehensive Staff Alert Options
The emergency call system is monitored in the same way as our nurse call system.

  • The same VisionPro console sends alerts to preselected devices
  • Alerts to almost any device
  • Same strength of signal, range and rapid device check-in as the Nurse Call system