Compass Communications


Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless nurse call systems from Compass Communications Group (CCG) are versatile and customized to meet the evolving life and safety needs of your community.   Wireless nurse calls can be made from a variety of automatic and resident-activated call devices (e.g., motion detectors, incontinence pads, pull stations) to pagers, smart phones and tablets, remote monitor screens, e-mail compatible devices and more.


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Completely Wireless 900MHz Spread Spectrum
Call devices are completely wireless, transmitting via embedded wireless network to alert the appropriate caregivers.


Advanced & Flexible VisionPro Platform
VisionPro platform is used to monitor and control the nurse call devices. VisionPro has many advanced features:

  • Quickly and easily see all active calls on a viewing screen
  • Generate call analysis reports
  • Easily programmable for any community
  • Connect to almost any electronic equipment
    • Bed stations, pull stations, pendant transmitters, motion detectors and smoke detectors
    • Bed pressure pads, incontinence pads, infrared sensors, door exit sensors, doorbells and more

Comprehensive Staff Alert Options

  • Smart phones
  • IPods, IPads and other tablets
  • Remote viewing screens
  • Any e-mail compatible device

Easy To Maintain

  • VisionLink is constantly monitoring the devices
  • Alerts when a device malfunctions, low battery, or no longer detected
  • Component based

VisionPro is the best wireless call system available. As the only wireless system to receive the UL 1069 rev 6 certification, you can feel secure that this system will assist your staff in consistently keeping residents safe and comfortable.