Compass Communications



Nurse Call Support – Emergencies

Emergency situations include:

– Entire system is down
– Paging is not working for the entire facility
– Serial receiver not detected

In an emergency, contact Compass at 231-932-0850 and follow the prompts for service. If this occurs after hours, leave a message with your name and phone number so the on-call technician can call you back.

Nurse Call Support – Non-Emergencies

Non-Emergency situations include:

Such as: reprogramming pagers, adding devices, changing faceplates, replacing batteries, dealing with faults, resetting devices, etc…

  • First, contact maintenance or the appropriate onsite staff member who usually works on the nurse call system, and have them resolve the issue.
  • If that person is unsure of the fix or not available, consult the “Customer Troubleshooting Guide” provided and follow the steps outlined to resolve the issue.
  • If you are still unable resolve the issue, you can call Compass during normal business hours at 231-932-0850.

Do you need to order parts?

Pricing can be found in the product catalog.

To order, call Tara at 231-932-0850 ex 104.

New projects or upgrades?

Call Robin at 231-932-0850 ex 101 or fill out our Email Us form.