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Alternative Communities

Alternative Communities

Small housing alternative senior communities, like Green House and Eden Alternative, are gaining popularity all over the country. A Compass Communications Group (CCG) solution is a great fit for the specialized needs of these small communities. Over the years we have worked with multiple small housing communities, from one house added, to a traditional skilled nursing facility, to a campus of more than twenty small houses!


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Flexible, Suited For All Environments

Wireless nurse call systems are very flexible and suitable for all environments including:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hospice
  • Green House
  • Eden Alternative
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Long term and many more

Easily Customizable For All Communities / Needs
Wireless has the advantage of being flexible and easily customized to any community.

  • Perfect for the small house model
  • Discrete call stations and wearable call pendants – residents can have that home-like environment while still being protected by a full service nurse call station
  • Staff is alerted through pocket pagers, which make no noise, and fit into the home-like environment
  • Can cover several houses with the same system – cutting cost while maximizing safety

Tried & Tested Solutions

Wondering if wireless nurse call systems are truly the best system for a small housing community? Well wonder no more – The first Green House built in Tupelo Mississippi in 2004 utilized a VisionLink wireless system from Systems Technology, the same system that we sell and support! If there was any question that our wireless system was the right one for small housing communities, it can be put to rest.



For a list of references and communities who we have worked with on small housing, please contact the sales department at Make your community a Compass community!