Compass Communications


New Construction

New Construction

Are you building a new community, or adding on to an existing one? Make the forward thinking choice and pick a wireless nurse call system from Compass Communications Group (CCG).

The system offers:

  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Saves Money


New Construction – Expertise

We work with many communities from the design phase through final inspections to make sure they get the call system correctly tailored to the needs of their residents.

  • Are you building a three hundred apartment assisted living community?
    We have you covered with wireless pendants, emergency pull stations and repeater/locators to cover your community.
  • Building a fifty bed skilled nursing facility?
    We are great at that as well, with bed stations, pull stations, pressure pads, wander management door security, motion detectors and more.
  • Experienced Partners, Affordable Options
    Bottom line, wireless nurse call systems from Compass Communications are an affordable option for new construction.


For a list of references and communities who we have worked with on new construction projects, please contact the sales department at Make your community a Compass community!


New Construction – Testimonial

“[We have] worked very successfully with Compass Communications on several long term care projects. They represent a product which is technologically advanced and is able to significantly outperform the now antiquated hard-wired nurse call systems. Each project where we have collaborated they have taken the time to understand what we are trying to accomplish with the building design. They have suggested features to the Owner which augment the vision for the facility. Compass Communications also understands what information our architects, interior designers and engineers need during the design phases to successfully integrate their work with the other building components and trades. They also understand the information and approvals which are required by the various regulating agencies. I highly recommend that all of our long term care clients consider Compass Communications and involve them early in the design process.”