Compass Communications




Are you looking to renovate your existing community?

  • Move away from the institutional feel and toward a home-like atmosphere
  • Now is a great time to upgrade to wireless nurse call system


Renovation – Compass Wireless Expertise & Advantages Include:

If you bring Compass on board during the planning phase of a renovation, we can offer advice and input on how to best utilize a wireless nurse call system.

Easy Installs Save Time, Money and Trouble

  • We have you covered with wireless pendants, emergency pull stations and repeater/locators to cover your community.
  • We come in after wall finishes are in place, to simplify your timeline.
  • Our technicians are experienced and efficient, making for an expeditious installation.

Wireless Systems Are Highly Versatile

  • The main console can run the whole system from your IT room.
  • Remote viewing screens visualize all active calls
  • Add components easily as the need arises.


For a list of references and communities who we have worked with on renovation projects, please contact the sales department at Make your community a Compass community!


Renovation – Testimonial

“[Our community] implemented, in conjunction with our renovation and expansion project, a new wireless call light system, wander management system and phone system all of which were supplied by Compass Communications.  Our project was a major undertaking that went very smoothly due in large part to the work of our contractors.  Compass Communications, as a part of that team, was instrumental in assisting the facility by ensuring not just compliance with the regulatory requirements, but by also protecting the safety and welfare of our residents with new and temporary systems.  As we progressed through a 3 year long construction project that involved opening and closing sections of our building throughout the project, Compass Communications was ready, willing and able to meet our temporary construction needs as well as providing new products that allow us to create more independence and security for our residents and staff.”