Compass Communications


Perimeter Security

We know that door and exit security are very important; we have a range of solutions to keep you secure.


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Monitored Doors, Windows and Automated Magnetic Locks

Widegap Transmitter

  • Pages staff any time a door or window is opened
  • Resets when the door or window is closed
  • Small, discreet and easy to install
  • Can be programmed to only alarm at night, perfect for patio doors
    that are open during the day for resident use

Magnetic Locks

  • Installed by a certified electrician
  • Hardwired back to the fire panel as required by law
  • Can be configured to disarm with a keypad
  • Integrate Accutech wander management to door locks for increased security, such as:
    • Alarming when an Accutech tag gets too close
    • Lock the door when a tag is sensed
    • Shut off power to a device like an elevator or sliding door

We also offer access control such as card readers and RFID. No matter what your door needs may be, Compass Communications Group (CCG) can help you meet them!