Compass Communications


Video Monitoring

Compass Communications Group (CCG) partners with Axis to provide top of the line video monitoring for your community. Axis is a leader in video technology, boasting advanced industry leading features.


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Compact Profile, Quick and Easy Installation

  • Compact profile, designed to be minimally intrusive in a senior living community
  • All cameras are networked with your computer system using Ethernet cables, which also power the device
  • Quick and easy to install in your community

High Quality Resolution, Progressive Scan Technology

  • With 1.3 megapixel resolution, Axis cameras deliver high quality, sharp picture quality to accurately identify residents and other individuals
  • Progressive scan technology gives fluid resolution of moving objects, eliminating jumpy viewing

Strong Multi-Level Security and Remote Access Monitoring

  • Security of video feeds are tightly regulated with multiple levels of passwords, IP filtering with IPv4 and IPv6, and HTTPS encryption
  • With the correct passwords, staff can access the video feed from any internet-connected computer anywhere