Compass Communications


Voice & VoIP Communications

Compass Communication Group offers traditional telephones from ESI to put your community on the next level of voice communication.


Key Features / Advantages Include:

Highly Versatile, Expandable and Productive

  • Advanced, highly expandable phone system with extensive, unique call-handling features.
  • Flexible architecture fully supports both digital and VoIP communications
  • Superior voice mail capability with remote message access, message caller ID, up to three individual message greetings and virtual answer
  • Call routing and distribution are highly customizable and automated for your convenience
  • Data redundancy with constant automatic data backup of all system data
  • Optional modules available such as presence management, media management, cellular management, and PC connectivity to boost efficiency

Superior Quality Hardware
We proudly offer Ascom wireless phones.


Comprehensive Communications For Improved Safety, Productivity and Community Life

  • Receive resident alerts on the handset, as well as make and receive calls
  • Staff can easily contact each other by phone
  • Increase staff safety via multiple communication options
  • Reduce staff stress, increase quality of care and productivity
  • Quicker response times improve care, saves time for staff, boosts operational efficiency, and saves you money